Best Educational WordPress themes for 2022

The process of bringing your school online using an academic WordPress theme is no easy task. The fact is, your education website is more than an online platform for your students and teachers.

You need to think about hiring, generating funds, and achieving enrollment goals. A school’s site should be simple to manage and use. It needs to be simple to use for your IT staff and for teachers that don’t spend more time online.

If your school is working on a new website using WordPress, you need the ideal theme for your education. Let’s discuss the top educational WordPress themes, and guide to select the ideal theme for your school:

How to Select the Perfect Education WordPress Theme for Your Website

  1. Start by thinking about your users.
  2. Contact information should be easily accessible.
  3. Show your community the spotlight.
  4. Pick a welcoming and simple design.
  5. First, share information that you need to know.
  6. Choose the plugins to use.
  7. Create a fundraising plan on your educational website.
  8. Contact us for feedback.
  9. Optimize for mobile.

Building a powerful website for your school signifies that you’ll need to consider before searching for the ideal education WordPress theme.

It is a good idea to take a in the websites of other schools and colleges in your vicinity. It can give you an idea of the kinds of features and plug-ins you may require.

For example, schools typically have a calendar that they use to share deadlines and other events with parents and students.More Here At our site

Here are a few more suggestions to help you choose the ideal WordPress website theme. academic website.

1. Think about your users first.

Each school has lots of information available to share and many different audiences to please. You’ll want to appeal to the academic community as well as potential donors by launching a website, but the first thing to do must be to consider the audience that will make use of it the most, usually students and their parents.

Make sure you have a clear plan ensure that your home page makes important updates easy to find. You should limit the amount of steps your customers who frequent your site must follow to find the answers they’re seeking.

If you’ve never built a website beforethen this guide on the user experience can help you understand what to plan for.

2. Make contact information easy to find.

Every employee in a school serves particular goals. Some are easier to connect with than others. When building your website make it easy for your students, partners and parents to recognize and connect with each member of your team.

3. The community you represent should be highlighted.

Videos and pictures are a great option to showcase the special aspects about your school with the world. So, be sure the educational WordPress theme you choose offers lots of space for images.

If you don’t have lots of pictures to share, ask members of your students. User-generated content can add a personal touch to your website. They can also give people in your academic community a feeling of pride and ownership.

4. Choose a simple, friendly style.

A WordPress theme is one that is in line with the style of the school and its brand. Check to see if you are able to customize your colors and select the design that your community is comfortable with.

5. The first step is to share information you’re in need of.

The website can be more a platform for promotion or a social space for your campus. Students may struggle with sharing information from their teachers and school administrations with their parents.

Websites allow you to instantly share important news concerning:

  • School policies
  • Tuition
  • Supplies
  • Future field trips
  • Test dates
  • Assignments
  • Days off and breaks
  • Events that are sporty
  • Registration

6. Pick the plugins for you.

The right education theme will work with the plugins you require. WordPress plugins allow for easy access to and automatization of a number of processes smoothly.

As an example, you might be interested in adding PDF forms on your website. This can make it much easier and safer for students to upload documents or teachers to send job applications.

Therefore, when you think about your plans for the future, consider ways you could streamline your school’s processes when you go digital.

7. Develop a plan to raise funds on your site for education.

The best education WordPress theme doesn’t have to be helpful for your school, it’s going to be a part of your future.

Fundraising for schools is a continuous process. It’s also complicated. Development teams need resources to recruit the students, former alumni as well as members of the local community.

Do you wish to include an an online store for school merchandise? Enable online donations? You can also create a subdomain that is used to track a fundraising campaign?

As you pick your theme, make sure it contains all the features you’ll need to launch and maintain these efforts.

8. You can ask for feedback.

If your school has a committee to launch the new education website Think about including parents or alumni to the committee.

Gathering feedback from your customers may seem like a hassle at first However, it will help aid your institution in saving time and money. It’s a website that you’re developing for an extensive community of parents, students, teachers, administrators and donors. This is why you need input from your users early and frequently to make sure you’re on the right path.

9. Optimize for mobile.

71 percent of smartphone users use your phones inside 10 minutes of getting up. This includes both your students and parents. This means that a responsive WordPress site is essential.

Responsive education WordPress theme will look great on a range of sizes and types of devices. This means your users will be spending more time on your site and gain more value from it.

The most educational WordPress Themes

WordPress is the best platform for education because it requires minimal investment and takes just few hours.

But educational websites need to have specific features and styles. It isn’t possible to use a standard blog website theme to run an educational institution because they won’t have the tools you’ll require such as:

  • Secure form submission
  • Online payments
  • Learn plugins, integrations and learning plugins

To make the process easier on your behalf, these are some of the top WordPress themes to help you build a great educational website instantly.

This list contains both free and paid education WordPress themes that can meet the requirements of all kinds of schools and academic institutions. However, this list isn’t suitable for all.

If you’re looking for an education-focused WordPress theme that you can use for your online courses, be sure to check this list. You can find here themes for online learning.

Some of these themes could be useful for people looking to build a learning management system (LMS) as well. But, this list of education themes is primarily designed to create a WordPress website for colleges, schools and universities.

No cost WordPress Education Themes

  1. Astra
  2. Ocean WP
  3. Neve

1. Astra

Ideal for: Schools who need to develop a custom site

Why we like this education WordPress theme: This theme is versatile and simple to use even for beginners. It can be used with various plugins as well as integrations that make things simpler for you. Thanks to these integrations and plugins, it is possible are able to share your site on social networks, sell merchandise in order to raise money, translate into different languages, and much more without having to code.

Other features that are useful:

  • Optimized for SEO
  • Unlimitless color and typography variation
  • Lightweight and customizable

2. Ocean WP

Ideal for: Schools that wish to create their own custom website.

What makes this educational WordPress theme is ideal for schools: This completely free WordPress theme features a variety demo websites for colleges and schools to design their websites. The menus and headers that can be customized options allow you to personalize your site and give the appearance you desire.

Other helpful features include:

  • Variety of page and blog templates.
  • Type and color settings
  • WooCommerce integration

3. Neve

Most suitable for: Schools who would like to develop a customized site

We like this educational WordPress theme This is a sharp and easy-to-use WordPress theme that is perfect for your educational site. The theme comes with multiple plugins , and provides great tools to help you design the perfect website for your visitors.

Start with the free theme. Then, if you’re looking for something with more of an educational focus you can upgrade to the paid theme.

Other beneficial features:

  • Seamless LMS integration
  • Sleek design
  • Support that is of high quality
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